Sunday, 1 June 2008

2CV Specification

  • 2CV4 and 2CV6.
  • AK250 and AK400.
  • Weight: 570 kg
  • Fuel tank:
    • Berline <1980:>
    • Berline >1980: 25L
    • AU & AZU: 20L
    • AK & AKS: 25L
  • Engine / performance:
    • 375 cc aircooled flat twin, 62x62mm
      9hp @ 3500rpm, 20 Nm @ 2000rpm, 65 km/h topspeed
    • 425 cc aircooled flat twin, 66x62mm
      12hp @ 3500 rpm, 22 Nm @ 2000rpm, 80 km/h topspeed
      13.5hp @ 4000 rpm, 27 Nm @ 2500rpm, 85 km/h topspeed
      15hp @ 4000 rpm, 27 Nm @ 2500rpm, 85 km/h topspeed
      18hp @ 5000 rpm, 28 Nm @ 2500rpm, 95 km/h topspeed
    • 435 cc aircooled flat twin, 68.5x59mm
      24 DIN bhp @ 6750rpm, 29 Nm @ 4000rpm, 102 km/h topspeed
    • 602 cc aircooled flat twin, 74x70mm
      29 DIN bhp @ 5750rpm, 39 Nm @ 3500rpm, 110 km/h topspeed

Dyane Specification:

  • Weight: 590 kg
  • Fuel tank:
    • Dyane4: 20L
    • Dyane6: 25L
    • Acadiane: 25L
  • Engine / performance:
    • 425 cc aircooled flat twin, 66x62mm
      21 SAE bhp @ 5500 rpm, Nm @ rpm, 100 km/h topspeed
    • 435 cc aircooled flat twin, 68.5x59mm
      26 SAE bhp @ 6750 rpm, Nm @ 4000 rpm, 105 km/h topspeed
    • 602 cc aircooled flat twin, 74x70mm
      28 SAE bhp @ 5400 rpm, Nm @ rpm, 110 km/h topspeed
      33 SAE bhp @ 7000 rpm, Nm @ rpm, 115 km/h topspeed
      35 SAE bhp @ 5750 rpm, Nm @ rpm, 118 km/h topspeed

Saturday, 31 May 2008

2CV Van

Found this van on a very good 2CV site.

2CVTV and - a website for 2CV admirers, owners, enthusiasts, specialists, racers, buyers and sellers, and people interested in knowing what's going on in the 2CV world.

Citroen 2CV / Diane

Came across this googling 'citroen 2cv'

Hubert, my 2cv van, has covered amazing mileages since I bought him.
Bought in Angouleme and driven back to Schotland. Driven from Scotty to
the Pyrenees to Toulon and back to Alba. Then from Scotty to the
Pyrenees and back, all in the space of 31 months. All repairs effected
without problems.

I am now getting very interested in Megasquirt. This is not a
pornographic site, but an injection management system that now
encompasses ignition as well. It is fully programmable via a lapdog
interface called Megatune, which tells you exactly what your engine is
doing and which allows you to alter the perameters. You can then see the
results of the alterations. Can be configured for electronic igniton
(any fuel) from one cylinder to sixteen.

You make the ECU youself from a kit.

Now, the basic 2cv engine is nearly 60 years old in terms of design.
Citroen made a car called a Visa which has a much better engine in some
departements. For a start it is 650 rather than 600ccs. Second, it has
nickel-chromed bores, normally found in stuff like Porches. The
downside is that it had electronic ignition that had a rubbish curve and
which was not reliable. The crankcase was not very strong.

What you do is to use the standard, strong, 2cv cranckcase which is
machined to accept the Visa barrels. This is what I am into at present.
The hybrid is going to be fuel injected.

I quite like the idea of doing up a van, especially one called 'Hubert'. The engine mods sound like a very good way to bring it into the 21 century.